Saturday, January 2, 2010

Thank God it's 2010!

2009 was certainly a year to remember for me - lots of trial, trauma and tribulations on a number of fronts - work, health and relationships. I'm glad it's over now and that 2010 is finally year. I'm well aware that life doesn't operate in discrete chunks of time like that but for the pure psychological value of it not having to write 2009 in the immediate future does provide some mental relief!

Health-wise things have improved quite a lot over the last 2 months - with having found a lump to be benign was a physical relief I cannot even begin to find words to describe! Considering the family history of cancer and the like and I am most grateful to the powers that be.

In terms of work - my PR company is taking off nicely despite having lost some money to 2 horrible companies I had done work for and that have subsequently fled without paying me a penny :( Not nice. I am hoping to continue my efforts to promote the Wonkie cartoon blog - I've not had much time to work on it recently because of work pressures and setting up my own venture but it's definitely on my list of to-dos as part of my 2010 new year resolutions.

In the meantime, I shall try to be more regular from now on with the blogging - both on my own blog and my guest appearances on a number of South African politically oriented blogs. All the very best for 2010 and I sincerely hope it is the best year you've ever had!

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