Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We're all going on a.. summer holiday!

So my work's all done for this eyar and I'm feeling so great.. getting ready to go on a holiday for 4 weeks.. can't wait! Not sure how much I'll be able to keep the blog up to date as there won't be too much internet access at the ashram ;) LOL

I'll try to at least post some pictures.. in the meantime I'll find out how to post on this blog by email.. maybe I can use my crackberry to send some pics through to the blog!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

PR Success!

Otherwise the rest of my week has been great - completed a massive PR exercise on Wednesday and took a break for a couple of days to recover. It's been good fun hanging out with friends and catching up. Schools in South Africa are off from this Friday so I expect the malls etc will be crowded with teenagers not going away until their parents get time off from their own jobs.

So about my PR project.. it was a real challenge trying to sell something to the mass market that probably the mass market would not be keen on hearing about. Still it was a great learning experience to work with one of the best! I'll be producing some press release material over the next week to try and get some traction with international papers as well.. right now the subject is all hush-hush so won't give too many details just yet.. but soon you will see it all unfold in front of you!

Foreign Aid

The crisis in Zimbabwe has escalated a fair bit since I last wrote but at least people are saying the right sort of things.. i.e. let's force Mugabe out with force if required. It's amazing to see him now cowing for foreign aid to the Brits after his attitude towards them for all these years!

This weeks cartoon said it all about the SADC's involvement or lack of constructive involvement rather to date!

Cartoon - SA-Zimbabwe talks
Cartoon - SA-Zimbabwe