Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Happy New Year!

Got back last week from an amazing trip.. really relaxing and a much needed break. Hope your start to the New Year has been a good one so far as well. So thought I'd share my New Year resolutions with you - well just the public ones ;-)

1. Eat healthy and keep fit - got off to a really good start last year and I want to keep going
2. Take on at least 2 pro-bono PR projects this year - one in Africa and the other in India
3. Complete my thesis
4. Travel to at least one country I have not been to
5. Eat less chocolate!!

The last one is the doozy!

Not surprised to see nothing much has changed in the whole Zimbabwe situation since I left last year - South Africa still appears to be in denial that Zimbabwe is now their problem. Robert Mugabe has decided to go on leave at an opportune time - this time to Malaysia. One wonders what Malaysian officials are getting in return for supporting Mugabe and even going so far as offering him refuge in their country. Robert Mugabe's vacation will further delay the formation of a new government in Zim.. this situation just gets more ridiculous by the second.

Anyway, enough for now - hope to be more regular with my posts on this blog this year.. will try to get some photos up soon!

xxx nayna

ps: be sure to vote for whether you're optimistic about 2009 or not on Wonkie cartoons!

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googlyblogger said...

Happy New Year Nayna!! All the best and keep in touch :)