Monday, November 24, 2008


Ok so I've just viewed yesterday's feed email from Wonkie and the Zimbabwe cartoon there seriously pissed me off. I spent most of my summers out in Zim and travelled all over from the Highlands to Kariba. I cannot believe the country is what it has become. It's certainly true that Thabo Mbeki had the ability and the means to actually prevent this and it's sad that personal interest came before the lives of so many people.

I have a friend who transports and resells fuel and other much needed supplies in Zimbabwe.. I'm talking really basic stuff. She mentioned that on her last trip she didn't recognise her country. She also said that it was clear that the government are covering up the outbreak as much as they can.. preventing strikes of health care workers that don't have the funds, medicine or equipment to properly care for the sick.

What's worse is that the ill are coming to South Africa and the disease is spreading here too. Lack of action on our government's part in South Africa is now directly affecting South Africans... in true African fashion there will be zero accountability for any of this.

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